Who is this Joseph Horton?

An average American business guy and husband of over 40 years and father of two daughters – 32  and 29. The elder was graduated from Salisbury University in Maryland. She studied graphic design and art. The younger was graduated from the University of Delaware with her major in international relations.

Home: Medford, New Jersey — Always lived in New Jersey, but in three different parts of the state.  Morristown (north), Absecon (shore), Lindenwold; born and kid in Berlin (south / both neighboring Philadelphia)             

Sports still played: Lots of golf & a bit of skiing

Sports watched: Most 

What do I do for money? Telecommunications since 1991 —  “& other related business websites

What did I do for money? Merrill Lynch — stock broker at first, but commodity trader for most of my tenure there!

What did I do for money before that? Taught at Stockton College and Atlantic Community College.

Did I go to college?  Rowan University — BA/Liberal arts and MA/English

No one really cares before that, right?